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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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every american will get together to insure hillary clinton never gets near the white house ever again. lou: congressman mike pompeo. my colleague neil cavuto leading the way in our special coverage. >> announcer: live from longwood university in farmville, virginia. this is fox business network's special coverage of the vice presidential debate. here is neil cavuto. neil: we are awaiting mike pence. as long as these two candidates have known each other, they have never met each other. pence was working as a house member when kaine first arrived as governor this fine state.
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then they switches places some years later when pence moved on to the governor's mansion in indiana then you saw kaine move into the senate. so this will be the first opportunity to see each other one-on-one. they have very different points of view on the world and the idea of the government's role in that world. we'll see that sorted out tonight. no doubt some of the other controversial issues will come to light. we'll see a great deal of debate likely over bill clinton spilling the beans on his real thoughts on the affordable care act which bill clinton said last night wasn't so affordable. he dialed that back and said that's not quite what he meant. these two are more popular and have higher approval ratings than the folks at the top of the ticket. they have to carry water for the leaders. they also have to keep in minds whether they can beat old records.
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it's debatable whether they can debate 24 million. now, that debate when sarah palin took on joe biden. it had to face competition from the baseball playoff game. as it is here. my colleague lou dobbs is here to expand on the debate. given the fact that donald trump needs pence in a big way to solidify his support with conservatives, it just might. lou: always keep faith in the unexpected. this is a contest between two very experienced, highly competent and i think engaging political figures in their own
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right. they are not flamboyant as donald trump -- i say take a lesson. the reality is, as you suggested. their approval ratings are higher. but approval ratings are often the result of milk toast and pablum rather than objectionable behavior. donald trump can be objectionable, hillary clinton can be objectionable. it will be interesting to see how far they will tread and how much animation they will have and energy they will expend. i believe they are both capable of this. kaine believes web's a strong fire-breathing liberal. he tries to hold it back, but he's all of that. mike pence i think has grown in this campaign.
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he's strong. he for ventsly believes in everything that he is advocating. neil: it's not that we are trying to sell it. >> when you talk about the candidates in this position. the 250 something that normally wouldn't get the attention they are. but the folks at the top of the ticket are much, much older. lou: we are going there already. neil: i wonder if that matters in the scheme of things. god forbid something should happen. larry santo said it happen -- larry sabato said it happens nine times. lou: i think it's a fair question and should be asked obviously with any presidential candidate irrespective of his or her age.
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we are up there in my country. we are getting up there pretty well. so i think it's fair. but i think there is also an extraordinary contrast between the vigor of donald trump and everybody else. if you want to tell me he's an old man, i think everybody would kind of like to be in his deal. neil: do you think the pressure is on pence to sort of make up -- trump had a great first 0 minutes in his debate and then it veered off course. pence is extremely disciplined. they said in his gubernatorial debate, very disciplined. to stay on mess and and bring up the points that maybe the critics of trump said in the
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last 70 minutes or so of his debate. lou: i don't think we should bring up a competitor. but she'll be one of the moderators. martha raddatz. anyone who saw governor pence in that contest of will between martha raddatz and the governor, the way he hand her advocacy journalism. he showed strength and resolve and discipline, and he showed he is to be contended with and not to be, if you will, messed with. neil: that was a moment he signaled, don't try this nonsense with us. neil: this is all about cementing good not goofing up, right? >> that's pretty much the goal for all of us.
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good evening from the spin room where i must say the spinning has begun early to the surprise of just about nobody. we do have two candidates who arrived here at the scene at longwood university this evening which is the one piece of news we can pass along. you remembered governor mike pence is here on site. we have video of him arriving. senator tim kaine also made his arrival. both of them were here for walk-throughs earlier today. the focus -- and everybody does this when you speak to the campaign -- it's the top of the ticket. we heard from both of the candidate at the top of their respective tickets talking about what we may see tonight. first here is secretary clinton. >> i'm confident and excited about tim kaine in the debate tonight because he understands what's at stake in the election.
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he's ready to go to-to-to with mike pence with all -. reporter: they have been active in trying to get their spin out over the corn. they have been saying to reiterate the secretary's point. they think they have said this over and over again that the pressure is squarely on mike pence going into this debate. they think he has to change the narrative. spinning across the spin room as the trump side of things. and throughout the evening we'll see his surrogates in here trying to get his message out as well. we also heard from trump himself and we'll hear from him throughout the evening.
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here is what he had to say earlier in arizona. >> i want to send our best wishes to our great governor mike pence as he prepares for his debate tonight. the debate will be a contrast between our campaign of big ideas and bold solutions for tomorrow versus the small and petty clinton campaign that is totally stuck in the past. totally stuck in the past. reporter: stuck in the past. a lot of talk about contrast. the other thing we can expect from trump will be live tweets. that should be interesting. he will be live tweeting the debate as it happens. >> you will be live copying down the treats he has so you can share them with us. >> we should point out. this is how it goes. each side spend a great deal of time talking about how their
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candidate is the underdog, and is ill prepared and doesn't have as much experience as the guy is up against. after the debate, then all of a sudden, each candidate was brilliant. it worked for me when i was in school. maybe it can work for em. it in the meantime ahead of this, you had this debate over donald trump's taxes, release of those taxes, the fact that he lost almost a billion dollars in one year. i mentioned this earlier. companies lose money all the time. this was the reflection of a company, he is that company. no one said much when cisco or apple had losses like that. no one called steve jobs a dope. but it's an election year. we are going to get into that. i do want to focus on how this tax issue was front and center today. take a look.
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>> he lost a billion dollars. and as i said repeatedly, that's hard to do when you are running casinos. but it demonstrates unequivocally that he was a failure at business and he wrecked businesses and by wrecking his businesses he wrecked the lives of his workers, he stiffed contractors. neil: i want to clarify something, i guess i'm doing what moderators shouldn't do, clarify and try to get the facts right. companies lose billions much dollars all the time. keep in mind donald trump doesn't do a show. but the billion dollar thing and even more is actually relative chump change when you look at companies that lost a great deal of money. does that make him a bad
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operator of casinos? it's in the eye of the beholder. if it was the death of him then, how is he still thriving today where close to $4 billion according to "forbes" magazi and r companies that have come back from multi-billion dollar losses to reassert themselves. much is made here about the release of the taxes. i just want to posit it out there, it's not a matter of illegality. but it's not okay if the taxpayers foot the bill for your failure, and he came back. it's interesting how we look at failure through the prism of our bias, right? and yet when you look at donald trump if he was at his worst
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then, he came back from that. >> that's what's important. i learned more from my failures in life than my successes. the guy who can deal with failure and come back and still be successful and create tens of thousands of jobs and build a great american company. that's somebody we need to get the economy moving again. neil: we see terry mcauliffe arriving here. tim kaine arrived as well. and we saw earlier the governor. they are all here. all the key players are here. one of the things i wonder is how it will play among the vice presidential candidates. how does each side handle it? >> well, i think the american people are far more concerned about their taxes than donald trump's taxes. neil: they are concerned that he doesn't pay and they do.
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>> you don't make income, you don't pay income taxes. if you don't die, you don't pay death taxes. if you don't engage in a sale, you don't pay sales taxes. he obeyed the law. she accuses him of losing a lot of money. he didn't lose $30,000 emails off his private server. neil: i'm sure it's going to come up. the rap against donald trump, he didn't crystallize that woman. but hillary clinton raised the issue. you probably didn't pay taxes. did that strike you as something you would not have said? >> i don't know if i would have said it. i think what's important is he paid legally what he was supposed to pay. i'm not sure if the clintons have voluntarily paid more taxes off the millions they made off
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paid speeches in front of groups, many of which had business in front of the state department. so i assume they haven't voluntarily paid more taxes. but the bigger issue is who is going to get the economy moving? it's not a healthy economy, and who is going to make the country more secure. is it the architect of the failed obama foreign policy? somebody who made sure we got out of iraq prematurely and claims credit for starting to negotiate this disastrous deal with iran on nuclear weapons? we have seen america become less safe on the obama-clinton watch. that's what this debate will be about. it won't be about one page of tax returns from 2 year -- from6 years ago. it will be who can put america back to work and who can make sure america is fair. there is two sets of rules.
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one for the clintons in washington and one for the rest of us. that will be the trump-pence ticket and i think it will come out tonight. neil: we had another development that could come up in this debate. bill clinton last night backtracking on this whole issue of whether obamacare would help the economy saying americans were staring at premium increases. today he back tracked on that. someone must have gotten to bill. now folks are wondering if the message will come loud and clear in this debate tea monday the number twos. i'm neil cavuto. more fox business coverage after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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built for business. [♪] neil: one of the issues that will likely come up today, something that was maybe a gift for governor pence, and that is no less than bill clinton last night at this time commenting on obamacare, the affordable care act that was's quite affordable.
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-- wasn't quite affordable. listen to bill clinton talking about the president's healthcare program. >> he invented this crazy system where 25 million people have healthcare and people working 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and coverage cut in half it's the craziest thing in the world. neil: he was acknowledging some of the problems with obamacare. some one in the campaign must have gone the him today because he dialed that back talking about it in ohio today. listen to bill clinton a day later. >> th the athe affordable healthcare act did a great deal of good and the republicans plan top repeal it is a terrible mistake. for the first time in history we are providing insurance to 90% of our people. neil: governor, do you think
8:22 pm
somebody got to president clinton to ease up on this? >> he probably saw the press and thought it over. certainly the challenges with healthcare have been there for a long time. escalating costs. no real control. you have the affordable care act. 80% of the hospitals and 90% of the doctors get all their medical records and prescription on paper. the transition has been more expensive than anybody would like. neil: you get the stories in the "washington post" and "new york times" saying they have to adjust this thing. the premium increase to the tins of millions americans supporting these millions more add to the system is much more onerous than originally was thought to be the case. how do you think democrats should respond to this since this was passed without a single republican vote?
8:23 pm
>> i think -- and everybody predicted it was going to need work. certainly we had problems, people with preexisting or suddenly they get a crisis in their healthcare, and they are not on a plan. they go on the plan and they have a right to go on the plan now. and they get expensive treatment. and as soon as they are out of the hospital, they go off the plan. that's happened enough time that it's putting a disproportionate level of cost on the rest of us. the solution is, we are work on that. but when you are trying to expands healthcare so everybody has at least minimum mum care and people can't be thrown off a healthcare plan because they get sick and get cancer or serious illness, that's changing the system in a big way. it will take some work to get it to function. there are not that's people that want to throe the thing completely out. neil: i know what you are getting at.
8:24 pm
but do you think if people had known how much their premiums would skyrocket the support would have been there? >> if you look at the rate of increase of the premiums the last 20 years. they haven't skyrocketed. when you look over the totality of the years since implementation. neil: 54%. the average premium has gone up an average of 54%. that might be more higher more inclusive premiums. you talk about the millions who had healthcare who didn't before. was it worth that much extra to recognize all the extra work that has to be done for this? >> what's that averaging, 10% a year, is that how you are measuring that? maybe 6 years.
8:25 pm
premiums were increasing 8% to 10% before. we were in a terrible place before. they are still going up. neil: it just sounds like a swapout to me. >> certainly part of the goal was to make sure everyone had basic healthcare and people weren't going to the emergency room, that would cut down on the costs. we still have problems we haven't figured out how to address. neil: thank you, governor. we know you have a busy schedule and we appreciate you taking the time. we are in farmville, virginia. an hour or so away from richmond. this is senator kaine's home state. does he have a home turf advantage? they make sure they keep it as even-steven as possible. one-third goes to governor
8:26 pm
pence, one-third to kaine supporters and the other third to student volunteers. the republican party chairman is there, the democratic party chairman is there. the virginia governor is there. it's just a matter of getting ready in another 34 minutes with the number twos who have far more favorable numbers to help their bosses on each ticket. who has the edge? we'll see. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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there have been rumors whether twitter goes on its own. clarification we said at the beginning of the show. these two candidates will meet behind me today and they have never formally met before. their careers in washington overlapped. but governor pence did call senator cane rrp in july after hillary clinton chose him as her running mate. that's not the same as meeting someone. i found that fascinating. but then again very little does it take to get me fascinated. former virginia governor george allen with us right now. good to have you. do you think that senator kaine enjoys a bit of a home field advantage here in virginia? >> i think he has. he's familiar with virginia obviously.
8:32 pm
the other advantage is understanding the mist of farmville itself. when i was in the senate i was co-chair of a pilgrimage, a civil rights pilgrim age head by the -- pilgrimage on the disgusting way they shut down schools in the county rather than integrate. and hear stories about people having to send their children away from home, as far away as iowa to get an education. i think governor pence would say we stand for opportunity for all. we want to make our tax code more competitive. we want to take off some of these piles of regulations and produce american energy or american jobs and competitiveness. neil: how will they pivot off of farmville leading the desegregation movement.
8:33 pm
i like -- >> because i think jim will bring it up. and that will fit in for a narrative fromim. i think governor pence should say we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go. we need a government on the side of entrepreneurs. it's not too far from farmville. what can our government do to make sure everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation have the opportunity to compete and succeed. then you will get on to issues people actually care about for the future. neil: in your fine state, maybe kaine, i don't know. hillary has opened up an 8-point lead. what do you make of that? >> i think it's going to be tough.
8:34 pm
virginia as you know has turned purple in the last two presidential elections. they have done well. i was involved in the 2012 one. i think what donald trump will have to do is make sure people know what his ideas are for the future. i don't think he should be distracted by things that don't matter, that don't affect whether you can make america safer or more prosperous or more great for all americans. i think his energy policies compared to those of hillary and tim kaine who for cap and trade, tim switched his position. now he's against exploring for oil and gas off our coast. those issues will resonate throughout virginia from the coal fields to tidewater. i think donald trump's ideas on veterans. it's a veteran-heavy military base area. and everywhere else people pay taxes.
8:35 pm
they pay for fuel and they would like to see our country do better. neil: governor, thank you very much for taking the time. governor allen, i want to take your attention to the stage at longwood university. you might notice the presence of the tables. this goes quite far back to dick cheney and his insistence having a table in his debate in 2008 -- in 2000, i should say. he vice president debate since has used a table except one. that was when you had in 2008 sarah palin going against joe biden. but for some reason the veeps always get a table. larry sabato on why that is next. the pursuit of healthier.
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neil: i wanted to draw your attention to the game plan, the presidential debate commission on how they are going to do this. there is a table there and this has been in place since about 2000 when dick cheney running with george bush insist on a table when he was debating joe lieberman. he got same table when he debated john edwards. the on time we broke that recent history is when sarah palin was debating joe biden and we are told it was at sarah palin's insistence that they not sit but stand at podiums instead of sit
8:41 pm
sat tables. larry, settle this table matter. why did the vice presidential candidates tend to have one and the presidential candidates not? >> you searched all afternoon for a trivial question i couldn't answer just to make me look bad. neil: well, you were very rude about fox business earlier, remember that? i joke with you, mfriend i do remember dick cheney at the time pushing that. but it sort of got to be a rule in place, it's the veep debate, let's put them at the table. >> one good thing about having a table. they are both sitting at the table it's a little more difficult to go hard negative. when your opponent is at arm's length. i guess potentially you could mock the opponent. it probably even courages more
8:42 pm
discussion rather than great negativism. the palin-biden debate while it was vigorous was fairly friendly. she went up to joe biden and said, can i call you joe? neil: wouldn't it be need if he said no, i insist you call me mr. vice president. or call me professor. really? it will be hard for you to see. but it has the ratings of the vice presidential debates. that palin-biden one broke the record of 70 million viewers. bush-ferraro, the first woman in the debate. any expectations what it may be for tonight? >> i think the odds are good it will be many millions less than
8:43 pm
the 84 million who watched the first presidential debate. and it was far more than 84 million. they don't count streaming viewers. they don't count reruns. a lot of people watch debates on reruns. they don't count international views. we have millions of americ who live and work abroad. i wouldn't be surprised fit was 100 million if you add it all together. unfortunately because people downgrade the vice presidential debate incorrectly, they are not as inclined to watch, but they should because so many vice presidents have become president. neil: give me that statistic again. >> 14 vice presidents have become president one way or the other. and nine of them have directly succeeded a president without benefit of an election because the president died or was assassinated or resigned.
8:44 pm
that's a lot of new president is. we wish the candidates good health and we wish the winner present health. but that's why we have a vice president. a vice president is a very useful spare tire. neil: professor, always a pleasure. larry sabato, brilliant always. we told you about hurricane matthew, a category 4 storm hit haiti and did a lot of damage. already barack obama canceled an appearance with healthcare that was slated for florida tomorrow. what if i told you it could impact the florida outcome. i'll explain after this. you both have a
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neil: mother nature can wreak havoc with campaign schedules. president obama canceling a rally he was going to do with
8:49 pm
hillary clinton in florida. the read right now in that state is anyone's guess. polls are tight. but hillary clinton has moved into a big lead in pennsylvania, up 10 points. it's anyone's guess how these numbers go. former governor mike huckabee is here now, the 2016 presidential candidate. governor, what do you think? if you are mike pence and you know you have got to deliver for the boss who didn't do as good a job as he could have from the last debate, what do you tell him? >> mike pence is a great communicator. i think he has the advantage. i heard a commentator saying mike pence takes positions that are a little different than donald trump. but mike pence has and advantage over tim kaine.
8:50 pm
the what tim kaine has to deal with is a moral issue. the moral issue of things like abortion where he has been pro-life, now he surrendered that moral position in order to go with the political aspects of hillary clinton and the democrats it's one thing to say it was a political view. but when you switch a moral position that's tough to defend. i think mike pence needs to go after that tonight. i think it will be tough fertile cane to explain. -- it will be tough for tim kaine to explain. neil: didn't he go after that religious freedom law that would allow business owners to deny service? it would appear to be anti-gay. he had to dial that back. it was a reversal, right?
8:51 pm
>> i think it's very different. first of all, it was not an anti-gay law it was touted as that. that was nonsense. it gave people the freedom of expression and it was to protect religious liberty. it had nothing to do with being gay. neil: you are right, but he did change it. >> by the wasn't a moral position saying i used to be against same-sex marriage, now i'm for it. but that's what tim kaine is doing. it's not. >> procedural issue it's a fundamental issue of principle. tim kaine made a major 180 on that. neil: the law was specified businesses couldn't deny services. i hope you feel better.
8:52 pm
you sound awful. >> i feel great, i just sound terrible. but i'm okay. neil: i know that feeling. governor huckabee, thank you, we appreciate it. it's the number two's chance to shine. rarely do you see the number twos with higher approval ratings than the top of the ticket. in this state in particular their favorables eclipse that of their negatives. we are minutes away. lou dobbs is next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ neil: welcome back, everyone. from farm view, virginia, longwood university. i apologize. we have elaine quijano who will handle the event. the audience breakdown is roughly a third of pence supporters, supporters of the democratic tick, a third will be supporters of democratic ticket led by senator kaine and rest spring keled out with student volunteers. lou dobbs, this is all about a game of expectations. both sides have been sort of limiting their guy's potential, after the fact, they won hands
8:57 pm
down. if you are, if you're tim kaine and you have the home court advantage, not that it should be reflected in that audience, how do you leverage that? >> i think we'll see him, i think we'll see senator kaine press his advantage in virginia, the home state, home court, if you will. i think he will go immediately strongly toward pens's social issues. his religion. his beliefs, and anti-abortion positions. his, his judgment on taxes. i think we're going to see the governor, who did cut some taxes, even though he proposed a big one as governor, senator kaine, actually did cut taxes. so it is going to be interesting to see how quickly he posts that particular part of territory early in the debate. i think we can expect him to do so early. you're probably thinking, my, that sounds exciting.
8:58 pm
i think we're also going to see him try to exhibit some energy and vitality that is perhaps not his custom marry demeanor on the campaign trail. neil: interesting when you think about it, pressure when candidates are under fire, more so for governor pence, they're very skilled at this, they're very good at this, they're very meat and potatoes about this but i'm surmising but dragged by other advisors go after taxes if you're senator kaine. go after what bill clinton said about doubts about the affordable care act, if you're governor pence, right? >> i think you're exactly right. i think that governor pence has to remind everybody that he represents the ticket, they are the agent of change here. and this is happening at the very time that we're seeing obamacare collapse, it is imploding. it will not survive. we know that into 2017 without profound changes.
8:59 pm
neil: they have to make serious adjustments. >> talking about premiums rising as much as 50% in many cases. we're talking about down to six exchanges now in obamacare and the result is, insurance company after insurance company withdrawing because they're being suffocated by enormous, hundreds of millions of dollars in losses because of a program that the republican have said throughout, from 2009 on would not work. neil: yeah, without a sing compel republican vote. real quickly, that crowd is limited to three different times for applause. the last crowd broke that you think that makes a big difference how often they applaud or not? >> certainly doesn't to me or anybody at home. everybody will be cheering their candidatelous tilly irrespective of the admonishment of the severe moderator. neil: last time sarah palin made
9:00 pm
news from that one, did a good job in her debate. we had such low expectations of the number twos and more memorable interviews. >> these are folks that will test their wings tonight. neil: to put it mildly. to put it mildly. ♪ announcer: live from longwood university in farmville, virginia, this is fox news's special coverage of the fox news presidential debate. here is neil cavuto. neil: lou dobbs said it best. both candidates will test each other and both will comport to a manner that is presidential and if god forbid something should happen to the guys that want to be president we could step into the job and do just fine. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. we're minutes away from the vice-presidential debate. a forum taking place in a


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